Tailor-made courses

These are on-demand course made to order for a certain group of business clients or private sector support programs. Current courses are highlighted below:
Managing Business Associations (BA): this training course provides leaders and managers of business associations, especially newly established ones, a “manager toolkit” including legal and operational aspects of running a trade/business association, roles and responsibilities of the business association in promoting and protecting members’ rights and benefits, tools for developing context-specific strategy and action plan of the business association, as well as lobbying and service development skills.
Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness at the workplace: This course aims to provide businesses in Vietnam with an updated view on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Vietnam, the legal framework governing rights and responsibilities of stakeholders in the HIV/AIDS issues and guidelines for businesses to develop and implement policy and action plans to promote HIV/AIDS awareness at the workplace.
Mainstreaming gender equality at the workplace: This training provides overview and basic concepts of gender and gender equality workers (including updates of current legislation governing gender equality in Vietnam) and how gender equality can be mainstreamed at the workplace, including the handling of issues of sexual harassment, women trafficking and migration workers.
Other training topics can be readily customized by the locally based trainer team to meet the management training needs of each corporate customer.

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