SchoolOnline is proud to be the premier cloud-based school management platform for some the leading and largest school systems in Vietnam.
SchoolOnline is a Software as a Service, multi-tenanted school management solution that provides service to schools, saving them the cost of operating a costly server system and a bloated IT department. It is a suite of software that is fully managed in the cloud and designed to meet the fast-evolving needs of schools in Vietnam, many of whom are expanding from a single campus to multiple campuses, upgrading their curriculum from single curriculum to multiple curricula; from single degree to dual or bi-lingual degrees and incorporating flexible, credit-based program into their fixed learning program, among others.
With SchoolOnline, schools automatically receive instantaneous system upgrades in almost no downtime; get data backups, disaster recovery, and complete management of their software with a fixed month cost, which are significant productivity improvement and cost saving factors to schools. SchoolOnline also provides schools with a user-friendly intuitive management platform that can be customized to meet their data and software needs.
SchoolOnline is also famous for our responsive support, including comprehensive initial setup support, attentive user and administrator training, detailed guidelines for common user problems, a dedicated hotline and call center to support to teachers, parents, students and administrators of all schools using our service. We work hard to earn the trust of our partner schools and are privileged to be part of their growing success stories.

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