Online Management Training Program

OMT Program was established on the basis of (1) hands-on and updated understanding of management needs of the Vietnamese enterprises, academic knowledge and practical experience of competent trainers and consultants and (2) best-in-class elearning platforms that have been successfully applied in different training and education institutions all over the world.

OMT training courses aim to address the practical issues faced by the contemporary Vietnamese businesses. These courses are developed and delivered by experienced management trainers, in consultation with subject matter experts and industry practitioners.
OMT adopts the “trainer-led e-learning” model that offers high levels of interaction between the trainers and

participants, and among participants themselves. Unlike other elearning models which are essentially self-paced learning by the learners, with little or no interaction with instructors, OMT courses provide trainer-led discussions and assignments to address the specific business or management issue raised by each participant in an OMT “virtual classroom”.

Unlike the other elearning programs on offer in Vietnam, OMT courses are:
– Customs designed for specific companies or groups of companies;
– Highly applicable for Vietnamese enterprises
– Offered in flexible modes (pure online or blended training)
– Virtual classroom with real-life trainers, inducive to interactions

OMT Program Topics
OMT Program is frequently expanded and updated, covering the following clusters of topics:
• Marketing, Customer Service and Strategic Management
• Finance Management
• Human Resources Management
• Production and Quality Management
• Food Safety and Hygiene
• Professional Management Skills
• Tailor-made courses

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