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Introducing OMT Elearning

Introducing OMT Elearning

OMT,being a training service provider ourselves, is different from pure e-learning solution providers in the sense that we deeply understand the Learning Management Systems (LMS) from the training provider point of view. Thus we approach the...


Food Safety and Hygiene

OMT courses in this cluster are specifically designed for business owners, production managers and QA/QC managers in the agri-business and food processing industry. Participants are equipped with key concepts, principles and standards of food...


Production and Quality Management

These courses are designed especially for the small business owners, production managers and QA/QC managers of small and medium enterprises. Participants are equipped with just-enough concepts and theories of operation management and quality...


Human Resources Management

Courses in this cluster present the multi-faceted role the Human Resources Manager plays in modern business; helps to develop necessary skills and attitudes in an effective HR manager and provides them guidance in applying tools and techniques...