Mind-set and Skills: Role of Online Trainers as Facilitator

Online trainers and facilitators need to have the right mind-­set and skills to effectively facilitate sessions.

There are five important guidelines to embrace in achieving the best facilitator mind-set for successful online training:

Guideline 1: Stay Open

Because of the indi­viduality of the learners, we must be open enough and flexible enough to incorporate the varied mind-sets of our participants into the learning experience.

Rather than presenting an elaborate discussion agenda at the outset and a complex process for trainees to fulfill, follow the flow of the conver­sation, while guiding it to­ward the defined goals or objectives.

The results of this should be that we “deliver the goods” in a package familiar to all.

Guideline 2: Be Objective

Before generalizing to the conference about a participant’s contribution, consider such things as the tone and content of the posting, the author and his or her skills, knowledge and attitudes (based on what you may know from prior confer­ence postings) and the time of the posting in relation to the conference thread.

Guideline 3: Don’t Lecture

Experience strongly suggests that a long, elaborate, logi­cally coherent sequence of comments yields silence.

Instead, use open-ended remarks, examples, and weaving to elicit comments and other views. It is usually better to avoid the “authority figure” role when training online, especially with adults.

Guideline 4: Don’t Expect Too Much

Online trainers need to be content if two or three well-articulated, major points are tied down in a particular thread of discussion.

Guideline 5: Estab­lish Trust and Good Will

Since online learning is a non-face to face experience, it must be emphasized that the online learning environ­ment should promote trust among participants. The online trainer must help participants to feel that the ideas and information being share are accepted at face value.

Participants must feel that the learning environment is positive with a lot of goodwill and that the attitude of the online trainer supports it.

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