Introducing OMT Elearning

OMT,being a training service provider ourselves, is different from pure e-learning solution providers in the sense that we deeply understand the Learning Management Systems (LMS) from the training provider point of view. Thus we approach the customer’s e-learning project from the angle of the user, rather than from the angle of the solution provider.


Specifically, OMT does not recommend using expensive license-based commercial LMS that adds both a financial burden and a technological dependence to the host organization. Instead, OMT advocates for the use of Moodle, an open-source and widely supported solution. More than a decade of development and deployment in many countries for many different organizations has shown that Moodle is much more relevant to training and communications needs of adults than many other LMS. It is especially more so, now that OMT has invested in a comprehensive Vietnamese version of Moodle to meet the needs of the Vietnamese users, including mobile compatibility on popular smartphone models.


The second biggest benefit that OMT will bring to the customer, besides successfully deploying an e-learning system is human resources development. OMT is committed to train a core team of instructors nominated by the customer in a practical, hands-on manner, so that they are proficient not just in using the system, but in developing relevant contents and formats for their e-learning program and effectively, interactively conducting online courses.


OMT is also ready to host the new system for the customer on our server during a predefined period of time, thus helping customer save on initial investments during the time they are familiarizing themselves with the new system and its benefits.


Five reasons why customers should consider OMT Elearning Deployment Services


  •    First hand experience with elearning system deployment in Vietnam;
  •    Capability to deliver best-in-class Training of Online Trainers based on the award-winning Master Online Teacher Certificate program by the University of Illinois, USA;
  •    License-free open-source system, which minimizes total cost of ownership;
  •    Free hosting and support on OMT server, while customer makes the investment decision
  • Support initial elearning course development



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