Enhancing access and quality of education through ICT integration for children with disabilities

With support from USAID, in 2015 the international NGO Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and Departments of Primary Education and Secondary Education of MOET developed a distance learning model for Vietnamese students with disabilities by using information and communication technology (ICT), including text-to-speech software, video lectures, a technical guide and. The web-based distance learning portal www.giaoduchoanhap.edu.vn provides continuing education opportunities for children with severe disabilities or out of school children with disabilities.


The portal contains e-learning lessons in Vietnamese literature and Informatics subjects, an online library, and 40 video lectures with sign language of Vietnamese and Mathematics. By December 2015, 737 students with visual, hearing and mobility impairments have benefited from the project in the 10 pilot provinces. MOET plans to expand training on the tools to all 63 provinces in the future.

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